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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

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Hello. My name is Curtis Clark Whitney, fifth child of Charles Orlando Whitney.

I live near Cullowhee, in Western North Carolina with my wife Ann. I retired from BellSouth Cellular Corp. after a 36 year career in the "old" Bell System. My education was in Electrical Engineering, with my Bachelors at the University of Florida and a Masters at NYU while in my first post-college job at Bell Telephone Labs. My hobbies include computers, golf, and SCUBA diving.

I have three children, Curtis Scott, b.1966, Elizabeth Ann, b.1969, and Allison Dawn, b.1953.

As a relative newbie in genealogy, I have enjoyed the hunt for info on my family, concentrating so far on my male Whitney line. Our brickwall for a long time was Charles Mayo. Through perseverance, my niece-in-law, Stacy, found a family, Jacob & Sally Whitney, whose children seemed a pretty good fit to be his parents. And we had a diary from Charles Mayo's son, Charles Francis, kept while he was a seaman in the Pacific, which mentioned several names as uncles and aunts, all of which fit Jacob and Sally's family. After comparing names, we have now concluded it is a very probable link. Now we are looking for some more definite proof, such as birth, marriage, and cemetery records.

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